Flying Fruit Art – Part 1 – Oddity Explained

The Flying Fruit Art project started after I decided to paint someone else’s breakfast nook an absurd shade of orange, a color falling somewhere between sherbet and traffic cone. Although the house belonged to someone else, I was renting it, and had to live with this nook with “commitment orange” paint, along with “on second thought yellow” in the rest of the kitchen. Needless to say, matching wall art became difficult. Hours of online searching brought me to this amazing poster by Dutch photographers Lernert and Sander, which became a partial cover for one retina-scalding wall. Realizing that meticulously crafted fruit art actually went with ridiculously colored walls quite well, inspiration for new personal work abounded. Flying Pineapple, Flying Cantaloupe, and Flying Papaya were planned, sliced, photographed, pathed out, reassembled, processed, and printed. Flying Casaba Melon was planned, sliced, and photographed. But, after it started insulting a production assistant’s mama, it was promptly left for dead in the compost bin and never assembled in Photoshop. Many visitors were dazzled by our kitchen, often commenting “#DamnThatsAnOrangeNook,” and, “that fruit art’s not bad either.” An expansion of the series was planned but sadly a busy commercial photography business, the purchase of a fixer house, […]

2015 Wild Canyon Games Video

A little taste of what’s to come in our 2015 Wild Canyon Games video. Looking forward to seeing how the final edited video comes together later this year!!

Airport Engineering

Been out shooting for one of my engineering clients this spring at a couple small regional west coast airports. The first project was an expansion of the terminal in Redding, CA, with changes to the plan and design of the original structure as well. The second was the construction of an air traffic control tower at the Aurora State airport, near Wilsonville, OR. Had some beautiful light for both assignments. Almost too serene for the control tower – maybe we needed a stormy sky and some overcaffienated, stressed-out FAA air traffic control staff in there to make it more like what I envision for the setting. There are a few select images from each project, mostly chasing light around sunrise & sunset for the exterior shots, with some interior photography as well. Many thanks to all the people who helped in arranging production and access for these.

Oregon Tree Care Video

Each month we’re going to be posting a featured project.  With the website redesign, there’s lots to choose from but we are selecting this short video produced with Oregon Tree Care and Biewer Media.  Shot over the course of a day in Portland’s West Hill’s, this 90 second piece highlights the impressive and dangerous work that these arborists routinely perform. What it can’t show in only 90 seconds is the time and care that OTC put in to the job.  The homeowners originally wanted to remove this 150ft old growth Grand Fir completely, but with a little persuasion they were open to a much more environmentally responsible trimming.  Location and access provided a unique challenge.  The team had to rig a pulley system and cut a path to safely remove the split top and branches, without damaging the roof, which included a large bank of skylights directly under the tree.  OTC were able to trim this giant, safely and responsibly without damage to the surrounding homes. Even more exciting, is that this video has served as a catalyst for our upcoming documentary about the current state of the arborist industry, it’s history in Oregon and the future development of the business model, with […]

Website Redesign, Still Portfolio Refresh, New Video Reel!

We’re happy to announce the redesign of with the first, and long overdue refresh in four years.  The entire site was remade to better illustrate the broad range of the commercial  photography and video production services we provide.  Lots of new work to share, including serval images from engineering and construction assignments and a new gallery dedicated to aerial work.  The lifestyle / portrait and the architecturally focused built environment galleries also have lots of new images.  There’s a preview of an upcoming mixed media collaboration in the personal work gallery.  On the video side, there’s a new demo reel, and featured projects from Vimeo ported over for faster viewing. More to come soon, we’re working on getting some recent infrared work, and a gallery of Portland’s new Tilikum Bridge online.