MGV Photography is a full service commercial photography and video production company, specializing in corporate, industrial, lifestyle, architectural, and aerial assignments. Our principal creative Mike Vraneža has been working in commercial media since 2005. But “we” is used when talking about MGV Photography because it is almost always a collaborative effort of skilled individuals selected from our production crew roster. We are an experienced and talented group driven by the unique challenges of each project and a passion for what we do. 

As our industry transforms so do we, but one thing remains consistent: the success we create for our clients. We construct a dialogue between art and business, and creative problem solving is an essential part of that conversation. We create nuanced media assets for our clients driven by the narrative of their unique branding, culture, and business models. Our core principles guide every project we produce.

Communication: We understand that being part of a team means keeping open lines of communication at all times. This begins the moment you reach out to us. We build production approaches to integrate seamlessly into our clients' content and communications workflow.

Exceeding Expectations: Our goal is your success. We want you to feel proud of the content we create together and enjoy the process of making it along the way. We operate with distinct, purposeful approaches to produce exceptional results that actively engage market awareness and enhance communication content. 

Safety: Often our work leads us into situations that call for a keen awareness of safety, and we always apply appropriate methods and general safety practices to adhere to all job site and OSHA regulations.

Equity: We have been fortunate enough to meet and work with so many people, from fortune 500 executives and small business owners, to scientists and creative thinkers, to medical professionals and tradespeople working in extreme environments. We treat everyone with the respect they deserve as unique individuals and create a culture of inclusivity and professionalism for clients, cast, and crew working on set and throughout the production process.

Based in the creative hub that is Portland, Oregon, we are 10 minutes from PDX international airport and are available for assignments worldwide.

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