Flying Fruit Art – Part 1 – Oddity Explained

Flying Fruit Art

The Flying Fruit Art project started after I decided to paint someone else’s breakfast nook an absurd shade of orange, a color falling somewhere between sherbet and traffic cone. Although the house belonged to someone else, I was renting it, and had to live with this nook with “commitment orange” paint, along with “on second thought yellow” in the rest of the kitchen. Needless to say, matching wall art became difficult. Hours of online searching brought me to this amazing poster by Dutch photographers Lernert and Sander, which became a partial cover for one retina-scalding wall.

Realizing that meticulously crafted fruit art actually went with ridiculously colored walls quite well, inspiration for new personal work abounded. Flying Pineapple, Flying Cantaloupe, and Flying Papaya were planned, sliced, photographed, pathed out, reassembled, processed, and printed. Flying Casaba Melon was planned, sliced, and photographed. But, after it started insulting a production assistant’s mama, it was promptly left for dead in the compost bin and never assembled in Photoshop.

Many visitors were dazzled by our kitchen, often commenting “#DamnThatsAnOrangeNook,” and, “that fruit art’s not bad either.” An expansion of the series was planned but sadly a busy commercial photography business, the purchase of a fixer house, construction of a new studio, and the birth of a child made personal photo projects a very distant priority.

Fast forward, and while there are no nooks to be painted, nor any desire to see orange paint in the house I own, there is still motivation to see the Flying Fruit through to completion. Eight more fruits were sliced and shot in a studio still under construction. The lack of heat in the studio space during December was less than ideal, but did keep Flying Apple’s dainty meat from browning up too quickly. Flying Dragon Fruit may be the best yet, although the lack of fresh produce right now in Portland meant extra clean up in Photoshop for this worldly traveler. Flying Tangerine is no slouch either, and was considerably fresher and cleaner. Six more are in the can, awaiting the fabulous focus stacking powers of Photoshop. Flying Pomegranate has its sights set on Flying Dragon Fruit’s best colors title, and is hoping its seeds don’t slow down the project. Flying Banana is getting a bit obscene and even Flying Casaba Melon decided to get its act together and join the party.

Enjoy the first half of Flying Fruit, and look for the second batch next week. And even if you didn’t paint your kitchen orange, please feel free to purchase a print, mug, pillow or whatever else Society 6 says you can put these pictures on. All proceeds go to my daughter’s college fund, may she be lucky enough to NOT have to borrow money for college.

Merchandise is available here on Society 6. They do a brilliant job of reproduction on high quality posters, coffee mugs, wall clocks, t-shirts, and much more.  To purchase a numbered 12×18 inch custom printed gallery quality photograph (only 30 will be made per fruit), contact me directly.




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